Mercado Carniceria/Cafe de Mole Grand Opening 19August2012Casa del Molé, brings Healdsburg a Latin sizzle grocery, meat market and taquería. Offering fresh produce, a full meat market including lamb, goat, beef, and chicken. We also carry all your dry good grocery needs. Plus, don’t forget to check out our new restaurant inside the store Rufina’s Kitchen or one of our other excellent restaurants.

The story of our Mole
In the heart of Southern Mexico Mole signifies a celebration from it’s indigenous birth in the State of Oaxaca home of the Mole Negro and six others claiming world fame and recognition.

Slow cooked combining many regional organic ingredients such is unsweetened chocolate, walnuts, bread and tortilla crumbs, turkey or vegetable stock, and a large variety of roasted chilli, that will define a rich velvety texture.

Today well known establishments will feature Mole Sauce as part of their cuisine paired with wines from around the globe.

Casa del Mole is pleased to  introduce our homemade Mole using local organic products including Gravenstein apples and no sugar based on Sra. Juana Ramirez de Diaz family recipe that has been pass down for four generations.